Telegram Messenger: Secure, Secret Chats

Cybersecurity Blog: Telegram Messenger: Secure, Secret Chats by Philipa Jane Farley. I offer business support to bloggers and business owners so that they have an easy, fun time safely interacting with their online customer community.

How secure is your chosen IM service? If you’re offering a confidential client service, you should be using a secure service that allows you the ability to erase messages. I’m not going to get into a comparison of each and every service and the discussion of encryption shall be held back for another day. The short answer is to try Telegram.

What is Telegram? Telegram is a light-weight, feature-packed IM package that you can use on most platforms and devices. Why use Telegram? Regular messages will sync across devices through your account linked to your primary telephone number. No more trying to remember where the message was saved. I personally enjoy that I can ignore my phone (yes, I am that person who doesn’t even have a voicemail service!) whilst working on the laptop but still receive IMs. Telegram allows you to chat with a username so as not to have your phone number made public. The best feature, though, is secret chats.

Telegram offers a secret chat feature which use end-to-end encryption. These messages do not go onto the Telegram cloud so they do not replicate across devices. They only go from the device you send them to the device received. Only you and the recipient can decode them. They also feature a nifty little self-destruct timer. You can set how long the message should last after it has been read or opened by the recipient. (Don’t use this for bad now, people!). For more info: Please remember though that secret chats are not set by default, you actually have to go into the menu and specifically start a secret chat.

So if you’re trying to madly phone me or reach me some other way, give up and get onto Telegram. My nickname is ‘philipajane’. I’ll see you there.

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