Do you own an SME and are you battling with your GDPR/ePR readiness? I am a data protection and privacy law (GDPR, ePR and POPI) consultant that fast tracks compliance for SMEs. I help business owners like you to prepare your business and people for privacy law changes with an external auditing, training and advisory service.

Services include:

  • SME external audit (readiness assessment) with report and prioritised actionable steps.
  • Customised training courses for your staff, presented in person or online.
  • Support for your compliance team in the form of ad-hoc or retainer-based consulting.
  • Review of your policies, templates and other documents.

Feel free to email me on or call me on +353838274889 or +353212348890 should you require an audit, assessment or training booked. Please contact Ciara Murphy ( at ReganStein if you require further boutique consulting services.

· A 3-Day SME Readiness Assessment with Prioritised Actionable Steps Would Typically Include ·

Day 1: On-Site
Intense Review

Day 2: Off-Site
Analysis and Report Prep

Day 3: On-Site
Recommendations Presented

You will received a Customised Compliance File for your business containing your Completed Questionnaires and Checklists, Gap Analysis with ranked risks, GDPR Readiness Report with easy to understand information in manual form that contains personalised action steps and a suggested lists of policies. Further, you will receive an electronic copy of this toolkit to use in future and several sample contracts and policy documents for you to adapt implement as and when you require.

Why choose me to fast track your compliance?

My professional background is rooted in South African Constitutional rights and contract law. South African privacy law is primarily governed by the Constitutional right to privacy and the POPI Act which when read together are nearly identical to the GDPR with minor differences such as the GDPR expanding on the right to be forgotten as well as the importance of data portability. I have worked with businesses ranging from small startups to multi-nationals who require compliance consulting in a local and global context. I understand the SME landscape and especially the fact that you as a business owner do not have time to waste.